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About AZ Custom Coatings

AZ Custom Coatings specializes in powder coating, ceramic coatings, Non-stick coatings, dryfilm lubricants and firearm coatings. Bryan Caudron is the owner of AZ Custom Coatings with 25 years experience in the coating industry. Our family has been leading the coating industry in Phoenix, Arizona for over 35 years. AZ Custom Coatings was established in 2008

Our company has been very successful and what we enjoy the most is the appreciation and gratitude we get from our customers. We will continue to provide the highest quality coatings in Phoenix, Arizona.
– Bryan

Reasons For Our Success

We have developed strong relationships with our clientele. Whether it be with local businesses, vendors or weekend warriors working on a DIY project we strive to exceed expectations which guarantees their continued business and referrals. At AZ Custom Coatings we operate as a team and we do our part of the job with the utmost integrity and regard for our customers.
  1. Our customers never have to worry
  2. The job is done right the first time
  3. Project are completed on time

Promise To Our Customers

We hear it all the time from our customers that the other powder coating shop took a month or even two months. Another big complaint we hear about the our competitors is they don’t mask all the threads or critical areas that require no powder coat. Customers say they have had to sand down the powder coating or tap out the threaded holes. At AZ Custom Coatings we guarantee a quality powder coat finish and complete customer satisfaction.